Day 2: When we find out

It was silly of us to think we’d get any sleep last night, we’re all back to the hospital for 8:30am. No news is good news, right? 10am and they’re going for their first attempt at waking him up. Now, this could go one of two ways, he can respond really well to coming off the sedation and start to come around, or he could go into shock and he’d have to be sedated again. 

10:20am the sedation has been completely switched off, it’s now a waiting game to see what happens next. It’s like watching a movie, we couldn’t take our eyes off Jeff and the machine that is breathing for him. We were told after an hour that we’d know how he’ll respond, an hour and a half later and he’s still asleep, the doctors are discussing whether to put him back on the sedation, we all want to wait longer and the staff respect our wishes. 

2 hours go by and Jeff’s eyes are opening, you know that feeling of waking up after having 2 hours of sleep and you can’t keep your eyes open? Yeah, he looked like that. His hands were crippled up, head was shaking and he wasn’t talking or responding to anything we said. Now it really is a waiting game. This may be confirmation that Jeff is never going to make a full recovery, we’re expecting the worst but hoping for the best. What else can you do? 

None of us have left all day, we’ve all been there waiting for Jeff’s first words, all he has to do is pop a smile or say hello, but he’s empty – no words, no emotions. Jeff’s mum is sleeping there tonight, right by his side. Hopefully there will be an improvement tomorrow, that’s all we can pray for. 

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