Day 9: Time to pack

Jeff has had a great week, we’ve all been with him to offer support, he’s been out and about a lot, even made a work call when he shouldn’t have been anywhere near the phone! He’s eating well, playing a lot of PlayStation and his memory is improving every day. 

He’s spent a lot of time with his girlfriend, sleeping there since Thursday. Jeff has told us today that he’s going to be moving in with her and won’t be back home as the place gives him the “heebie-jeebies”. Lauren and I pack up as much stuff as we can and head over there to have a Chinese with them. I did say he loved take-aways right? 

I’m happy that Jeff has decided to move in with his girlfriend, I’m happy Lauren and I can get our life back to normal. But, I won’t be seeing my best friend every evening that I have done for some few months. 

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