Day 5: Reality

We’re back to normal, Lauren and I are taking it in turns to go to work, we’ve both got the most supportive employers, so I go in to work in the morning and leave at lunchtime and then Lauren heads into work for the afternoon. 

The thought of going back to work seemed like the perfect idea for us, it would give us a break and something to take our minds off what we had all just been through over the weekend. We’ve gone from finding my best friend seconds away from death, being told Jeff will never make a full recovery, to being attacked in hospital, to being discharged by the beginning of the week. So back to reality, let’s get back to normal life. 

Our eyes are fixed on Jeff, I’m not even leaving him alone for a second, I’m sleeping in his room with him on a blow up bed and Lauren is doing all she can to make sure he’s happy and comfortable at home. 

All is going well, Jeff’s memory is still bad but it will be improving with time, we’re looking forward to everything going back to normal.  

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