Day 29: Moving

I’ve had 3 therapy sessions by now, my feelings are coming back, but my god they’re like a punch in the face. I’ve been like a stone for so long, had no emotion or feeling towards anything. Now any emotion I feel is an extreme; extreme sadness, extreme stress, extreme anxiety. 

We can’t stay in the house, there’s too many bad vibes, Lauren and I can barely even go into the room it all happened. So we’re moving, luckily we have access to a place in Norfolk that means we can get out quickly. 

I’m off work so I’m dealing with the move, getting everything packed up and clean and tidy this should be our step to forget about what’s happened. 

I can’t deal with stress at all, we’ve just had the landlords come over to do the inventory for check out. I swear to god I almost had a mental breakdown. I stormed out, got into my car, parked up in a car park and collapsed in tears. I’m the calmest person you will ever meet, I’m so laid back… usually. But I can’t deal with anything at the moment. 

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