Day 3: Improvement

Jeff’s mum has been with him all night, he’s been awake at times and is taking in his surroundings. 8am we get to the hospital, eager to see my best friend back. A miracle, Jeff is talking, he’s breathing on his own, he’s exhausted though. I’ve got half my friend back, he can’t talk well, stuttering and very confused, but time can be a fantastic healer right now. 

Lauren and I are off home to enjoy some time together, Jeff has asked for Chinese, Dominos and all sorts of junk food, and of course, I can never say no to that! 

8:30pm and we’re back at the hospital, I’ve come bearing gifts in the form of dominos – Jeff’s favourite. He’s got a smile on his face, enjoying watching the TV. Now, what happened this evening is another massive blow that will always stick with me. We’re sitting in his room, he’s ready to dig in to his Meateor. “I want to go to the living room, can you get my shorts”, “Jeff you’re in hospital, you can’t put your shorts on, or get out of your bed” The confusion and therefore aggression sinks in, he’s fighting to get up, arterial drips are being pulled on and what seems like the hulk is fighting with me to get out of his bed. This was news to me, but nurses aren’t allowed to restrain, so I’m left with the responsibility to make sure that he doesn’t rip a giant whole in one of his main arteries in his arm. Aggression turns into rage and I now am really face to face with the hulk, he’s picking me up, shoving me around and eventually ends up headbutting me right in the face. I leave, burst into tears around the corner, upset and frustrated that Jeff has appeared to take a big step back. Jeff is sedated again, but decides it’s best to pace up and down the corridor before the sedation kicks in. Frightening, upsetting, gut wrenching – we’re off home for the night. 

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