Day 36: Dad

I had already planned to see my Dad today; my mum had got in touch with him and he wanted to see me. He pops over, I tell him about what happened last night and we go and pick up my car, Lauren drives us all there and I head back with Dad. 

We pop out for some lunch but I’m off to see my therapist again after last night’s fiasco. Just to add this, each session is £45, now that doesn’t seem like a lot, but times that by 10 within a month and you’ve got quite a wedge there. No charity can help me without having to wait for months on the list. I’ll be dead by then. 

Head back to Ipswich, have a chat with my therapist and tells me to get to the doctors, Complex PTSD can be treated with medication to help reduce the side effects. 

Go to the doctors and they add me on a new medication to reduce the hallucinations – again, I can’t remember what that’s called. 

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