60 seconds to save a life

My name is Conner, I’m 25 years old and have experienced a life changing mental health issues. What does that mean? I’m not ashamed to say that I’m currently undergoing treatment for PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. I have been suffering for the past 2 months since I came home to find that my best friend had attempted suicide – hence the PTSD. I spent 3 weeks in a mental health hospital and have tried to end my life 3 times.

2 months ago I was dealt with the hardest and quite ridiculous option, I went to the doctors with suicidal thoughts, I wanted to end my life and I wanted it to end right at that moment, that lead to a visit from the Crisis Resolution Team. “If you can wait for 2 weeks we’ll get you a telephone call with a Psychologist.” Picture this, I’m sitting at the doctors surgery, wanting to end my life and I’m told to hold on for 2 weeks, just for a telephone conversation. I saw that the only way that I’d be able to keep myself safe was to go in to hospital.

Now, since I’ve left hospital, I’ve had to go private, spending £170 a week to ensure that I receive the right treatment, to ensure that I can get better. For anyone, this can’t be a sustainable option, and the NHS needs a solution to this issue. No one should be told to “hold on” when they’re feeling suicidal. I’m making a change to this.

I’m launching a campaign called 60 seconds to save a life. I’m developing ground breaking technology that will ensure that every single child and young person will receive the right treatment, at that moment, without a wait and completely free. This is the solution that the NHS needs to end this mental health crisis for good.

Why is it called 60 seconds to save a life? Anyone visiting the Youngkind website, or referred to us by their GP, hospital, school can go from 1 click to securing a visit with a mental health professional in 60 seconds. That’s all it takes. Gone are the waiting times of over 12 weeks to see someone for help, gone are the extremely high costs for treatment and gone are the over 6,000 suicides a year due to the waiting time.

We’re calling on you, to take this on, spread the word of our charity so that you can play a part in saving a Childs life. All we need is 60 seconds and lives can be saved.

You can see the process here, from referral to securing treatment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4c5WgWPKuk

Every donation that we receive, will get us one step closer to being able to launch this service in the UK. We’re meeting with the NSPCC, Mind, Government Ministers and medical professionals to make sure that this is a success, but we need your help to make my story known.

The Youngkind website: www.youngkind.org.uk

The JustGiving page: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/youngkind

Twitter: www.twitter.com/youngkind_

Telephone number: 07717381783

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