We’re Youngkind

We’re working hard to support the NHS Five Year Forward plan. By 2020 we want to be supporting an extra 50,000 children and young people experiencing mental health problems.

What makes us different?

Youngkind has been set up in direct response to the growing need for national reform with the specific intent of unlocking the resources of over 10,000 counsellors, social workers and psychologists that provide private treatment in a patch work fashion today.

Can you support us?

Your donation today can enable us to get to work on supporting the hundreds of thousands of children and young people to receive the urgent mental health treatment they need.


UK citizens currently have an open referral within the mental health services.


Of these are children and young people under the age of 18.


Of those are not receiving treatment and most likely never will due to the shortage of treatment services.


Is the number of children and young people that committed suicide as a direct result to not receiving treatment.

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We’re on a journey to completely revolutionise the available access to professional mental health support. We’d love for you to join us.


    This is my personal blog, the reason why Youngkind has been set up. A day by day account as to what caused my diagnosis.

    • I live with my best friend (let’s call him Jeff as

    • I take Jeff’s girlfriend to hospital so we can be

    • It was silly of us to think we’d get any sleep las

    • Jeff’s mum has been with him all night, he’s been